Treat Your Truck Well, And Your Truck Will Run Well


Routine service and preventive maintenance checks help prolong the life of your truck. Your truck is your business partner, and it can remain at its peak performance with the right equipment and repairs. Consult a trusted mechanic — a professional service center like The Truck Shop, LLC can save you time and additional problems down the road.

A maintenance manual should come with every truck leased or purchased from a reputable dealer. This important accessory should be stored in a location where it can be readily available. Truck maintenance manuals contain the valuable information from the manufacturer regarding proper operation, suggested maintenance schedules, lubrication and fluid level checks, emission controls, and torque specification.

Maintenance compliance is also important. The safety regulations manual that is required to be carried in your truck usually outlines in detail the compliances and regulations that need to be met. Every heavy duty work truck must comply with Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements. The Truck Shop offers full DOT Inspection services to get your truck prepared to pass. Roadside maintenance checks are regularly conducted by the DOT. They also require annual inspections. 

Preventive maintenance (PM) schedules need to be based upon the details specific to your truck. The Truck Shop can help you plan a maintenance program that works.

Preventive maintenance (PM) schedules need to be based upon the details specific to your truck. The Truck Shop can help you plan a maintenance program that works.

It can be beneficial to record the driving distances, common driving conditions, average speeds, and weight history of your truck’s hauls or loads. As an example, an average speed of 75 mph over time can lead to higher or more frequent maintenance requirements than an average speed of 60 mph. Terrain can also play a role in the wear and tear on your truck.

Simple PM procedures such as checking tire pressure and the engine oil can make a big improvement on the lifespan of your truck. Other frequent PM schedules will include maintaining the wipers, belts, hoses, lights, filters, coolant, tires, as well as engine fluids. Regular servicing and care of the transmission, battery, brakes, drive axles, seals, exhaust system, clutch, driveline, steering, suspension, and engine tune-ups can make all the difference.

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